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BGYHA Information


The mission of he BGYHA will be to provide a fun and educational experience with the sport of ice hockey.  Our concept is to move players, on a consistent basis, within our system to a level where they are most comfortable.  The program will be based on an organized progression of skills.  This progression through our program will foster a sound basis and the opportunity for a lifelong association with hockey.  The priority of BGYHA is not merely to win games, but to provide a fun and rewarding experience to players and parents through growth in hockey knowledge, skill and sportsmanship.


Prospective Sponsors

Bowling Green Youth Hockey Association is an Ohio non-profit corporation and a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and as such your contributions are tax deductible.  BGYHA provides the opportunity for the youth of the Bowling Green area to grow and mature through the challenging sport of ice hockey. BGYHA, a fully-sanctioned member of USA Hockey, relies on the collaborative efforts of many people who volunteer their efforts in providing a forum for competitive youth ice hockey in northwest Ohio. While our young players have a wide range of skill levels, they are all committed to the sport and display an intense desire to improve as athletes and individuals.
Aside from ice hockey skills, our players learn how to function as a team, which, as we all know, is essential regardless of what occupation they may pursue someday. Additionally, the players develop a strong sense of being part of something special at an early age. They will remember these experiences and use these attributes for the rest of their lives.
The BGYHA program involves boys and girls from ages 4 to 18 and has grown to over 300 participants since its 1967 inaugural season.  However, ice hockey is an expensive sport. Player Registration Fees range from $140 to $1,250.00 per season. These fees primarily cover ice time rental costs for practices and games. In addition there are the costs of Officials, equipment and uniforms. Each of our players and their families participate in fund-raising activities to help offset these expenses and, as well, to raise additional funds to cover incremental tournament fees and out-of-pocket travel costs. But even after these efforts, there are certain children who are still unable to participate given their financial situation.
On behalf of all the players, coaches, managers and board members of Bowling Green Youth Hockey Association, we invite you to become a Sponsor.